Here from Home

I will collect here as index or into subindexes, or short notes directly here, about wikis.

To start I will move to here some notes originally in Home:

A couple of interesting wikis:

  • This one is itself a wiki and also acts as an index for other wikis. You can go there and add an entry describing and linking to your wiki, and you can search the entries of other wikis. I added entries there for this davesscribbles and for universallogic .

  • At that last wiki I found the next one. It had interesting looking pages, though they don't have much content yet:

And since I mentioned last put in other since it is such a great resource ion philosphy and logic, the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

  • This is not a wiki though.

Fun: try interactive talk in wiki

Another wiki: public wiki about writer Franz Kafka, here in Wikispaces

I found that at




Global warming:

Xorg ATI video driver:

twitter fan wiki:

twitter apps:

arc language wiki (Arc is a dialect of Lisp, started by Paul Graham)

includes technical computer topics:

Linux graphics Direct Rendering Infrastructure:

English language wikis at WikiIndex

Everything wiki a wiki about wikis

The Adjunct includes current affairs

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

Common Lisp wiki:

Canonical Star Trek:

Philip K. Dick:

from generallinks :

  • a help file at Wikispaces said the wikitext here is similar to MediaWiki
    • and major formatting should be the same

A Song of Ice and Fire wikis: